Development Evaluation Consultant
Bernhard Hack is the founder of He is an Austrian Development Professional specializing in Independent Evaluation Consulting. He is interested in Knowledge Sharing, Network Analysis, Systems Thinking and Policy Coherence for Development.
His areas of expertise include
  1. Sustainability Evaluation
  2. Logical Frameworks & Indicators
  3. Poverty Advocacy
  4. Knowledge Sharing
  5. Network Mapping
  6. Social Media & Web 2.0
Bernhard speaks German, English and some Italian. Together with Alessandra he also runs a Bed & Breakfast in central Italy. Whenever he finds the time, he works on the family farm, mainly producing olive oil and wine.
Bernhard Hack, MA
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Bernhard’s projects
Social Media Strategy
Web Start-up Company
Impact Evaluation of Conference
Evaluating Knowledge Sharing
CGIAR KS Project
Policy Coherence for Development
North-South Dialogue, Vienna
International Farmers Conference
Advocacy Campaign Evaluation
HGSD Lebanon
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